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Old Glory

There in the middle of my front yard
Old Glory is on display
Not for just special occasions
She is waving every day

She symbolizes freedom
And and all that it stands for
She waves as a great monument
To those who fought and won every war

Each morning as I look at her
Proudly waving there
I thank God for our great country
And say a little prayer

Dear God You have been there for us
It was You who has kept us free
And for this and all Your blessings
We will  forever grateful be

Dear Lord we need your strength again
There is again an enemy at our gate
They know not the meaning of freedom
They are motivated with envy abd hate

Thank you Lord for listening to me
I feel a  whole lot better  some how
Thank you Lord for that old flag
Keep her ever waving just like she is right now.

Thank You Lord

Author ~ Jack Young(c)7/3/02
Used with authors permissison

If you'd like to use this poem
Please contact Jack for permission
 Jack Young 

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