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Just As I Am     
Written By;Charlotte Elliott         

              Just as I am without one plea            
But that Thy Blood was shed for Me;     
And that Thou biddst me come to Thee    
O Lamb of God, I Come, I Come !       
Just as I am and Waiting not              
To rid my Soul of one dark Blot;           
To Thee,                           
whose Blood can Cleanse each Spot,       
O Lamb of God, I Come, I Come !        
Just as I am, Thou wilt Receive,          
Wilt Welcome, - Pardon,               
Cleanse, - Relieve;                    
Because Thy Promise I Believe,          
O Lamb of God, I Come, I Come !       
Just as I am, Thy Love unknown          
Hath broken every Barrier down;         
Now, to be Thine, Yes, Thine alone,      
Oh Lamb of God, I Come, I Come !     


The Writer of "Just As I Am is Charlotte Elliott. 
She was born in 1803,             
She found the Lord &wrote this  Song at the age of 36. 
An Evangelist made a deep & marked Impression 
on her life, and on her very Being;           
when He made this Statement to her.
"You must Come, Just as you are,  
a Sinner,  To the Lamb of God - 
that has taken away the Sin of the World"  

Please Check out her website and hear the Hymn   
 Just As In Am   


Jesus Alone - for our Sins did Atone  
And Calvary Covered It ALL.