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Cautious Journey


I'd rather be home in Heaven 
Than here on this earth below. 
Not stumbling along dark pathways, 
But walking on streets of gold. 

O, to be singing His praises 
In a heavenly home up above. 
Rejoicing with saints and angels 
In a city filled with His love. 

I long to be dwelling in glory, 
Redeemed, with face all aglow. 
Abiding and resting with Jesus, 
Content as a lamb in the fold. 

Yes, I'd rather be home in Heaven 
Than any place else that I know. 
O, to be walking with Jesus 
Down shimmering streets of gold. 

Copyright ©1992 by Jan McIntosh 

Music: Just A Closer Walk With Thee"
Sung By: Mr. George Beverly Shea 
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Just A Closer Walk With Thee

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