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I Am Your Flag

Now, you display me on your homes
And your vehicles so proudly;
Then, you left me on the shelf
’Twas a burden to unfold me.

Now, those who stand and hold me high
Are called Patriots of our Nation;
Then, they were labeled “flag-wavers”
With a negative connotation.

Now, at games when I am raised, 
A reverant hush befalls the crowd;
Then, I might as well have been
Invisible, you were so loud.

While I revel in this sudden faith
In the ideals for which I stand,
I’m saddened at the toll it took
To wake this complacent land.

I am your flag, I’ve always stood
For freedom and brotherly love;
Take heed, America, and learn
From this wake-up call from above.

Right now this nation has united,
‘Spite of color, race, or creed,
Against the malignant evil forces
That have done this horrible deed.

But when this painful trial is over
Will you forget me once again;
Return to living apathetically
Just like you did back then?

So many people gave their lives
So that I may ever wave
O’er this wonderful land of freedom--
Do not desecrate their graves.

I am your flag--I stand for peace,
Don’t forget me, I implore,
Raise me high and show the world
Now . . . and forever more!

©2001 Linda E. Newman
All rights reserved.
Used with authors permission