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 Fourth of July

Scurrying about in their every day lives
Never taking time to pull out the archives
Only taking for granted the world they see
Not fully appreciating the right to be free
 The world was as it is, and always will be
Full of people fighting for what they believe
But there are also people who've sat to the side
Watching others who've fought, and proudly died

 They never stop to think why our country is so great
They just assume, I guess, that this was their fate
To be born of a nation so free and so strong
Never wondering once if this is where they belong

 It is to those whom I speak today with a loud voice
This country did not become what it is by mere choice
God has been our inspiration and been by our side
He has been our strength, and has filled us with pride

 He is the reason our ancestors came to these shores
Because they believed He was worth fighting for
Leading us to worship Him, each in our own way
THIS is why our country is so great today
 So on the 4th of July, each and every year
Give thanks to the One who brought us here
While you're celebrating with friends and your family
Take time to appreciate the One who set us free

Happy Birthday, America!
DD Robey 7/4/2002
Used with authors permission

 Please don't take  from site without authors
permission.  DD Robey 
 This set is dedicated to all those who have 
 lost and may yet lose their lives as a result
 of the terroristic attacks against our Nation.
 My prayers cry out for you and my tears fall
 for the loss of loved ones.....Elizabeth